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Ab 14.12.2019


what is congregation, community and Church?

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what is congregation, community and Church? Empty what is congregation, community and Church?

Beitrag von Eaglesword Fr 12 März 2010, 01:59

what is congregation - what meaneth congregation?
what is community - what meaneth community?
and Church - not biblical!
Community is, for example, a village. Within a village, no matter how large, can grow community.
An official community includes cities, city districts. And the bigger a city is, the more can grow there many communities.
Well, what is community? With whom I have community? Somebody can have it with much things and with many ones.
Is community good to me? Who stands behind a community, who leads it?
Community is, for example, a sports club, favored pub, medias, partys, parties and so on. I can have community with my family, the next, the partner, collegue, neighbor, Churches and so on.
Is community good to me? Who or what stands behind it?

Not each community is good or supportive!

And Church? What is it? I do´nt know it- not written in the Bible! Church is menwork, not createt by Yeshua. Or has Yeshua found church- congs? Was already there before he was born (under other label). When Yeshua preached, then in biblical Synagogues, which, later on, became replaced by unbiblical Churches.
Yeshua preached on montains, on board of boats, in houses ect.!
"Well", may somebody ask now, "a temple was built for community, right?". Counterquestion: "Who wantet a temple? G'd or the people? Did´nt wish they to get a king, the nations alike?" G'd let His nation pass to build a temple, but also, let pass the destruction.
Should not we become the temple?

Community is men made and also can be federal!

A cong includes community by and with humans. Without humans there would not be a cong and, thereof, no community!

Well, what is in the Bible mentioned as cong, or, what was mentioned by the bible exegetes and translators?
I think, they exclusively saw cong as Church and Church as cong!

When Paul and others had spoken in or towards congs, they also could have spoken to the citizens of a community.

I think, that "the" or any cong only is associatet with Church. Church, religious community is "= cong", and cong was Church, religious communities only!

Congregation also is Ecclesia, "the callen out"!

What and who again is the "callen out"?
Well, each Church and cong sees itself as the "callen out", but, r they in reality?
I think not so!

Whith whom the congregation- Churches use to have their community? Realy with Him?

1. Joh 1:6
"If we say, we had community with Him, but walk in darkeness, then we lie and r not doing the truth"

1. Cor 10:20
"No, but they sacrifice to the demons and not to G'd. But I do´nt wanna see u caught in community with demons!"

2. Cor 6:14
"Do´nt pull under the same yoke with unbelievers! Thereby, what has righteousness to do with outlawness? And what has light with darkeness?"

Eph 5:11
"And have no community with the fruitless works of darkeness- rather dismantle them..."

Phil 2:1
"Is there now any correction in Mashiakh, any encouragement of love, any community in spirit, is there heartility, gracefulness..."

1. Joh 1:3
"What we saw and heared, we proclaim unto u, that u also r in community with us, as we r in community with the Father and His son Yeshua, the Mashiakh"

Who now r the callen out or who will be callen out?

For example, u were in a community- no matter which- that is not good to u, but u accept it and r adhesive towards it´s people. And, suddenly, somebody comes and says: "Leave them, they r destructive to u!" Well, how will u react? Which mind is urs? Will u listen or will u reject "Leave me alone!"? Or do u think about and see by sanity to leave them?
Have u recondnize that the call let u hear: "Come to me, u do´nt belong to them"? This is the experience of some who r callen out and leave behind.
Now, those r no longer in the community but in the place where they live.
Then the one who has callen tells u to join his cong because u r in community with him.
Somebody can search for a place on Earth, where just is community exclusively the leader and the members with! Thereof, another cong is born. Now, who r the callen out ones?
Those who r callen out by Yeshua, who sets them apart and sanctifies them! His sheeps hear his voice!

Years ago Yeshua showed me a picture because he was sad about the beloved people who reject him and refuse to partake his faith and to follow him.

U know somebody whom u love intensed. So, u intent community with, invest lots of time and give donations. U knock at the door. What happens?
This one could let u come in, but ignorantly let u stand there. U brought a present, but r dishonoured because of other things catches the eyes of the one u visitet. Then u sadly go away.
Once again u knock at this door. What will the other do to u? Will u be wellcomed, will ur present u brought again thankful be taken, will the one share time with u, or will u be ignored once again?
Soon u will no longer knock at that door, but elsewhere. The other wellcomes u, and u give the present to the one who gladly joins u in community.

What and whom u r in community with and how much?

Here I see a hidden mizvah: First comes he and then community with him, then...

Community is, or should be, always with likemindet ones. How nice would it be to meet with "sisters and brothers" and have community with Him? Without rituales, just one hour, or, how much time the single partakers may got, or... No, the time is in His rule- all has it´s own time!

Here in the forum we too r and have community. Phoning, we have community, also with him when we gloryfy him.
How can "a Church and consort" of 100 and 1.000 members acknowlegde if all r "sheeps"? It is unimportant as long as the cash comes in!
This is not Yeshua´s way, but that from down under.

He is our law, nothing and nobody else.

Now, what is community and congregation? How do u see it?

Also we must never forget to thank the Father for giving us Yeshua, who surrendered himself to us.

"No one cometh to the Father without me"

"und du sollst nicht eine Frau zu ihrer Schwester nehmen, sie zu kränken, wobei du ihre Blöße neben ihr aufdeckst bei ihrem Leben"
3. Mo 18:18

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