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Ab 14.12.2019


what is faith - what do u believe?

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what is faith - what do u believe? Empty what is faith - what do u believe?

Beitrag von Eaglesword Di 09 März 2010, 13:23

(orginal by Elishua Weißkopf, translation by Olaf Severin)
So many talk about faith. But how they understand the word "faith"?
Faith is just believing, but what and how to believe?
How often 1. Cor 13:7 is mentioned? "Love carries all, believes all, hopes all, tolerates all..."
At first, I endevour the part "Love believes all".
Now I ask you with earnest if you really believe all what people tell you. Do you believe in each religion, all what surrounds you, all what your neighbor tells, according to love requires you to believe all? Really all?
If it was this way and always love is in the focus- then, why do you not share your neighbor´s viewpoint at all? If all was to be believed- then in the neighborhood, in friend circles, families and so on, absolute harmony would reside because of love- though it was as wrong as it could be. "Love believes all", written in the Bible! Thereof peace at all. The reality differs a lot!

Faith = trusting
You have 2 friends, one of them You prefer. You ask them, getting two differing answers. Whom will you believe?
Maybe you would believe the friend you prefer rather than the other friend. Afterwards the friend who is less loved was right. What´s now? Or do you believe both differing answers? How would you handle that?

You like to travel during some days, but who would get your house keys to provide your plants and animals?
Another case:
In your friend circle are believers and non believers. Whom will you trust? The believers only, or, as well, the unbelievers?
By own experience I can tell you following happened:
I had to take rehabilitation time enduring 6 weeks. Who would care for my plants and animals? An unbeliving collegue I was befriendet with immediately ensured her support.
Both we had the other´s housekey because both we had animals at home.
In this time a believing relative took residence in the place. She also urged me to accept her help. So I agreed, believed and trustet. They became relatives and negotiatet one week the first, next week the other and so on. Pleased, I traveled to begin the rehabilitation.
After a while the unbelieving phoned me, telling that the believing did not her duty. She said that the animals missed food and water during the hwole week althaught she was there. So, I told the unbelieving should care for the animals alone. I was quiet frustratet and wished hurrying home. Finally home after 6 weeks, I was shocked:
One store hang sunken, half of all plants were try or drunken, the bath plates were demaged. When the believer came, she brought me the key and pretendet all was ok.
There are trustworthy unbelievers and untrustworthy unbelievers, the same among believers!
Could somebody trust each person, like the Bible tells- love believes all? How we can understand it now? Is this verse trustworthy at all? But, still this verse has a great purpose and message!
There are only TWO whom somebody realy believes/trust: Father and son! These I can fully believe and put my trust in. All that cometh from the Father we can accept regardless, YHVH and Yeshua only!
I, personally, think that our faith has to do with our own wishes and aims. Somebody strongly wishes... believes... and then...
These are only a fiew examples, and the readers can imagine themselfes in whom somebody may trust and what is believed. In whom we trust, we often also will follow- sometimes unconsciently. See preachers, politicians, athletes, authors and so on. This becomes idolatry. So many thinks can be in our focus of believing. Without believing/trusting nothing works!

Following list points the several associations with "faith", "believing", "trusting":

Meaning: approach
Perspective, position, opinion, belief, attitude, perspective, side view, acceptance, outlook, attitude, viewing direction, position, idea, belief, attitude, aspect, respect, vision, mindset, attitude, outlook on life, world view, perspective vision, perception, conception, teaching, thinking, viewpoint

Meaning: Faith
Community of faith, trust in God, religious belief, religion, creed, religion, creed, godliness, church, devotion, piety, trust, faith, community, sect, creed, belief in God, confession, confessions, confidence, faith, candor

Meaning: Opinion
Design, version, judgments, claims, awareness, assertion, belief, opinion, ideology, conception, conjecture

Meaning: Position
Place, idea, vision, perspective, location, they see fit, hiring, tower, pose, theory

Meaning: Presumption
Conjecture, suspicion, premonition, foresight, anticipation, condition, combination, intuition, anticipation, fear, argument, fear, forecasting, foreknowledge, desire, determination, presumption, suspicion, taste, view, subordination, fiction, anxiety, anticipation, weather

Meaning: Trust
Confidence, hope, optimism, expectation

Prove important: trust
count on, have confidence, believe, assume, confide in, to hope, to leave based on

Meaning: faith in the future
Ray of hope, escape, opportunity, comfort, opportunity, desire

Meaning: trust

Meanings: knowing
noted prophesy to sense, remember to anticipate, predict, perceive, clairvoyant, smell, smell a rat waive

Meaning: take
be liable to allow, tolerate, tolerate, imagine, feel, see suffer, allow, think legitimize, to adopt, imagine that dawn to be reckoned with, recognize, acknowledge that suck, approve of plugging, suspect, fear, fear, feeling to reach, attract, approve, consider, participate, take the child to place, piece together to guess schwanen, approve, agree to absorb, concede präsumieren calculate, guess, guess, accept, agree to go

Meaning: preserving
remain here to keep, keep, keep, keep in good condition to keep retained, preserved, sealed, maintained to make durable, prepare to stay, suspend, protect, conceal continue, preserve, support, maintain, harbor, conceal, maintain, keep spare ok, dabehalten, save up keep, to guard, to keep alive continue to operate, maintain, retain

Importance of thinking:
estimate, ask yourself the question, be of the opinion, to expect, brooding, brooding, weigh, guess, assume, imagine, think, are, assume, accept, believe it possible to appreciate, imagine, judge, consider, suspect the case, set, speculate, think of, ask yourself, my, his view apprehend, to brood

Meaning: be of the opinion
think to raise something, show, tap

Meaning: think his
find, opine, being of the opinion

Significance expected
rely on, are calculated to hope, to hope, wait, to be likely to trust, dream, await, expect, hope cherish dreaming of, look forward, earnestly desire, yearn, calculate who want to desire to weigh in the hope to expect from wanting entgegenschauen, count on

Important: Keep true
taken at face value, trust, trust, give trust, deem fit to buy, give credence

my judge to say, think, aimed at assessing, in the sense, have to be convinced hover determine, intend

Verify meanings:
calculate control, squeeze, verify, inspect, measure it, take off to investigate

Importance persuade: to
to feign, delude themselves to dream, to deceive

Important to leave:
to build

Importance of confidence:
be modeled to prove trust, build, and share his hope for dare

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